Darkened Day is an immersive photographic journey through contrasting landscapes and emotions. This captivating exhibition, originally unveiled in 2018, transports viewers across the serene vistas of New Zealand and Sweden to the architectural wonders of Vienna and beyond. The accompanying poems offer glimpses into the soul of each photograph, guiding us through moments of reflection and introspection.

dusk is here
a darkened day
the scene is split in half
still bright above
obscure below
symbolic photograph

Through the lens of my Fuji XT-10 we explore a world where natural beauty intertwines with fantastic ideas and merges into a reality of ancient fortitude. Each image invites contemplation, revealing the hidden depths within both light and shadow.

color craving
spectral bathing

From desolate shores to gothic wonders, “Darkened Day” captures the essence of duality, with desaturated hues and cold, somber tones enveloping the viewer in a mesmerizing embrace.

boney are mortal remains
conclusively bedded alone
delivered from secular pains
laid to rest on a pillow of stone

For those eager to delve deeper, the exhibition catalog is available here. Join in and traverse the realms of Darkened Day, where beauty thrives in the shadows and light illuminates the obscure.