Direktimpuls was born out of a passion for pushing the boundaries of sound and exploring the depths of electronic music. Fifteen years ago, armed with nothing but a laptop and a copy of Fruity Loops, I embarked on a sonic journey that would shape my musical identity.

Inspired by the pulsating rhythms and intricate melodies of the minimal tech electronic house scene of the time, Direktimpuls emerged as an experimental project aimed at challenging conventional norms and delving into uncharted sonic territories.

Drawing influence from revered artists such as Daft Punk and Pryda, I sought to carve out my own unique sonic landscape, blending hypnotic beats, ethereal melodies, and intricate soundscapes.

The result was a collection of tracks that defied categorization, weaving together elements of techno, electronica and ambient music to create a truly immersive listening experience. From the raw, imperfect pulsations of basslines to the distorted, high-gain wails of synths, each track stood as a testament to the power of experimentation and unbridled creative expression.

Accompanying the sonic explorations were visual journeys that extended the boundaries of expression. In the video of “Silver Strings”, the pulsating beats were merged with scenes from a BBC jungle documentary, juxtaposing the vibrant colors of nature with stark, high-contrast imagery. Mushrooms and frogs dance across the screen, weaving a narrative that echoes the intertwining of organic life and electronic soundscapes. This fusion of elements reflects my ongoing artistic endeavors to explore the depths of existence through sound and vision.

The video of “Zucker” shows sugar endlessly falling onto a pile, critiquing society’s excessive sugar consumption. The upbeat main part contrasted with a melancholic outro, highlights the negative effects of indulgence. Through these videos, I aimed to merge art with social commentary, sparking reflection on our relationship with nature and consumption habits.