Created around the same time in 2020, these two silk screen prints share a defining characteristic: a powerful execution in monochrome that epitomizes the artist’s style.

In the minimalist beauty of “Taiyoyama,” simplicity is key. This silkscreen print with watercolor detail portrays a mountain scene with a delicate balance between a red sun and the stoic mountain. What makes each of the 33 prints unique is the variation in the sun’s appearance. It’s a serene depiction that invites you to appreciate the subtle nuances of nature’s harmony. The name is a composition of the Japanese words for sun (太陽 = taiyo) and mountain (山= yama).

“Abstraktion” undoubtedly depictures a birch forest. From left to right, the scene gradually morphs into increasing levels of abstraction, challenging your understanding of reality. As you gaze upon the shifting forms, consider the boundaries between what you see and what you perceive, for in this artwork, the lines are blurred, and imagination knows no bounds.